Bell and Howell Mailstar 400 Mail Inserter
Bell and Howell Mailstar 400 Mail Inserter
Bell and Howell Mailstar 400 Mail Inserter Overview

The Bell and Howell Mailstar 400 Mail Insertion System enhances the efficiency of mailers processing high volumes of non-personalized inserts. These flexible systems, using advanced paper handling technology, accommodate a wide range of materials and applications.

Bell and Howell Mailstar 400 mail inserters, which include from four to eighteen station models, maximize your investment protection. The heavy-duty construction ensures a long life for the system while the modular design allows you to upgrade as your mailing requirements change.

- Any non-read mailing application characterized by single-page, pre folded or single panel address pages, with multiple inserts.
- Ideal for direct mail, letters, notices, notifications, statements, tax notices, and many other applications.

Features and Benefits:
- The centralized control panel with error detection indicators simplifies operator setup and shortens recovery procedures.
- Easily adjustable guides make job setup and changeover quick and simple.
-Vacuum system provides more accurate paper handling, reducing operator intervention
- Add four and six station trailer modules - up to a total of 18 stations, as your number of inserts increase.
- Add an electronic Automated In-line Mailing (AIM) system to accumulate personalized multiple-page documents.
- Wide range of available adjustments on the insert and envelope hoppers, and on the track supports a variety of material sizes.
- Adjustable speed control allows operator to increase or decrease speed for the most efficient handling of a given application.
- Options such as vacuum- or knife-style envelope flap opener, elevator or shuttle-feed envelope hopper increase system capabilities.

- Cycling Speed Stations:
Up to 10,000 per hour
- Stations:
Up to 18 stations (in four and six-station modules)
- Envelopes:
Maximum Size - 9 1/2" x 6 1/4" (241mm x 159mm)
Minimum Size - 6" x 3 1/4" (152mm x 830mm)
Flap Depth - 1" x 1 3/4" (25mm x 44mm)
- Inserts:
Maximum Size - 9" x 6" (229mm x 152mm)
Minimum Size - 5 1/2" x 3" (140mm x 76mm)
Paper Weight - 20 - 24 lbs (75 to 90g/m2)
- Maximum accumulated thickness:
Stacker or Turnover Option - 3/8" (10mm)
Meter or Conveyor Delivery Option - 1/2" (13mm)
- Power:
208/240Vac, 30Amp, Single Phase, 50 or 60hz, 4 Wire
- Temperature:
64 to 90 degrees F, 18 to 32 degrees C
- Humidity:
40% to 60% (non-condensing)
- Dimensions:
Width - 34" x Height 46" x Length (4 station - 80" or 6 station - 100")
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