On Site Facilities Management

Tired of managing a business that is not your core competency but is mission critical to the success of your organization?

Don't want to outsource the work and have to fire your loyal staff, especially in these trying times?

Is your equipment old and needs upgrading, but you can't justify the investment or worried about upgrading and finding out later that the "new" equipment has already been passed by new technology?

If you said yes to any of the above, you should call Symco Group today. We will provide on-site facility management of your non-core operations such as production print, card issuance, or mail insertion.

Depending on your existing situation, there are several cost efficient options to consider:

Symco Group can take over your operation "lock, stock, and barrel". Utilizing your existing equipment and either co-hiring or hiring out right the staff. While managing the entire operation for a monthly rate or a cost per click rate.

Symco Group can bring in new equipment and hire an entire new staff or a blend of the existing staff along with new staff to process the work while managing the entire operation for a monthly rate or a cost per click rate.

Benefits include:

  • Economical - You do not need to purchase or maintain expensive equipment that may be obsolete in a few years
  • No capital investment - No acquisition capital required. Allows you to utilize capital and credit lines for other needs
  • Latest technology - Option to upgrade to new technology
  • Access to our technical support team - We provide the ongoing hardware and software maintenance guaranteeing seamless uptime
  • Let's you focus on your core business
  • Reduce your administration burden - Receive a single monthly invoice instead of multiple invoices from multiple vendors
  • No longer manage supplies - Supply management is a thing of the past since all supplies are included in the monthly coverage