Mathias Bauerle GmbH (MB)
Mathias Bauerle (MB) Autoset 18
Symco Group is an authorized reseller and service provider of the entire Mathias Bauerle (MB) product line. This includes Smart Feeders/Folders, Smart Cutters/Folders, Flat Pack Feeders/Collectors, Flat Pack Cutter/Collectors, No Envelope Mailers/Self Mailers, Continuous Forms Cutters, Slitter Mergers, Booklet-Makers, Computer-controlled Folders, and High Throughput Inserters.

Mathias Bauerle (MB) is headquartered in St. Georgen Germany and for more than 60 years, Mathias Bauerle (MB) has concentrated on developing and manufacturing machines for post-press paper handling. In fact, in 1952 Mathias Baurele (MB) developed the first "multipli" folding machine. Today, the main focus is placed on automated folding and inserting systems.

The outstanding characteristics of innovations from Mathias Bauerle (MB) are the above average operator convenience and the flexible applications. All new product developments have the following qualities in common: simple operation, short setup times, less waste and modular design.

Symco Group's partnership with GBR provides you with the latest hardware and software along with world class leading service throughout the sales cycle. We look forward to working with you to find the perfect cost effective solution to your business needs.

Mathias Bauerle GmbH (MB) Adobe PDF Product Overviews:

prestigeFOLD NET 38 / prestigeFOLD NET 52
AutoSET B4 / AutoSET B4 HighFLEX
AutoSET 18 / AutoSET XT
MB-System CAS 52 Mail
MB multimaster CAS 38-A / multimaster CAS 52-B
MB-System CAS 52 ACCU
MB-System CAS 52 PoD
MB multipli 35
MB multimaster CAS 35
MB leafletFOLDER NET 21

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