Pitney Bowes Insertion Equipment
Pitney Bowes APS Mail Insertion Machine
Symco Group is an independent reseller of remanufactured Pitney Bowes Mail Insertion Equipment to include low to medium speed units such as the DI900 and DI950 through the high speed Flowmaster, Intelligent 8, Series 8, Series 9, APS, FPS, and MPS series of intelligent inserters.

Each Pitney Bowes Intelligent inserter is completely remanufactured, cleaned, wear and consumable items replaced, skins painted, and then the system is tested prior to being disassembled and packaged for shipment.

We buy and sell all version of the Pitney Bowes systems as well as provide on-site installation, training, pre- and post- sales support, as well as onsite maintenance services across the United States.

Symco Group's ability to provide our clients with a low cost completely remanufactured solution as well as new solutions, while extending the life of your existing platform is unparalleled in the industry. We look forward to working with you to find the perfect cost effective solution to your business needs.

Pitney Bowes Adobe PDF Product Overviews:

Pitney Bowes DI900 and DI950 Brochure
Pitney Bowes APS Edge Brochure
Pitney Bowes FPS 9k Brochure
Pitney Bowes MPS Brochure

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