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Bell and Howell Pinnacle Mail Inserter Overview

The Bell and Howell Pinnacle Mail Inserting System is a computer-controlled, pneumatically actuated and easy-to-use mailing inserter designed to enhance the productivity of the direct marketing shop. Advanced features include the self-calibrating, self-adjusting miss/double detection gripper arms with pneumatically actuated jaws; automatic diversion of quality control or problem pieces on the fly; control of all operational parameters using job setup. Combined, these features result in increased efficiencies and lower operating costs.

Bell and Howell Pinnacle Mail Inserters Features and Benefits

A uniquely designed gripper arm and jaw eliminates the need for manual calibration. The gripper arms automatically calibrate themselves to the thickness of the materials and to new materials when introduced. The gripper arm design minimizes job setup labor and significantly reduces maintenance labor by its modular design. A single arm may be replaced without pulling a shaft.

Gripper Arm Double Detect and Self Adjusting Action. The Bell and Howell Pinnacle mail inserters revolutionary gripper arm automatically calibrates and re-calibrates itself during system operation, eliminating the invalid occurrence of doubles and misses. The arms default to a standard double-detect parameter.

For Precision Double Detect, the operator may optionally adjust each arm through the setup screen, on an individual basis, to a tolerance of 12 percent variance to identify a narrow field of difference, such as a nested insert in a letter folded enclosure.

Backup Hopper is a feature that allows the operator to designate two or more hoppers for the same insert. If the first hopper runs out of material or has a miss on a pull, the backup hopper will activate and place the insert in the track with the package without stopping or missing a cycle. This function can virtually eliminate most misses.

Track and support hardware and software improve control over inserts. The result is a reduction of jams in the track while providing increased flexibility in the size of the inserts and material variance.

The Bell and Howell Pinnacle Mail Insert stations that improve the handling of the materials and reduce jams in the insert station gripper arm and picking mechanism. The insert stations are computer software controlled versus cam driven.

Envelope station uses a slide valve with vacuum to provide added reliability.

A newly designed envelope flap opening system utilizes an air jet rather than suction. After opening, the flap is held under the deck and released by computer-driven pneumatic control. This feature reduces jams significantly during insertion and allows easy access to materials when necessary.

A flap-detect system using photo cells to diminish failures is standard on the Bell and Howell Pinnacle mail insertion system.

A re-designed inserting station includes a split plate inserting platform, and modified pusher fingers. The new design dramatically reduces jams at this most critical position in the system. The new pusher fingers provide longer wear and cost less than the alternative fingers available.

An envelope sealing station moistens the envelopes using a controlled spray resulting in improved dependability of the seal and fewer jams. The amount of moisture spray is adjustable and computer controlled for on-and-off functionality.

Automatic rejection of misses, doubles, and selected quality control pieces into a bypass bin, without stopping the inserting system, provides higher production throughputs. By not stopping the process, higher production throughputs are achieved while maintaining integrity. The system may be programmed to divert at specified (open-ended) intervals for operator quality control checking, for example, every 500 pieces. Diverted envelopes are not sealed for ease of inspection and/or correction.

Microprocessor control provides ease of operation and control over the entire system.

Computer controlled vacuum distribution system provides for a more even flow of vacuum to reduce the misses and double pulls from the envelope and insert stations.

Minimum wear points throughout the Bell and Howell Pinnacle mail inserter provide a longer system life with fewer maintenance requirements.

Job programming includes: Backup hopper pull; Programmed quality control checking; Programmed insert memory; Non-sealing option; Automatic non-sealing of misses and doubles; Job parameter setting Save and Recall, by job name; Streamfeeder option

The system's computer allows operation of all inserter functions via touch screen monitor rather than keyboard entry. System operation is simple and easy to master by operators of all skill levels.


- Speed: 10,900 cycles per hour
- Stations: Up to 12 (in four or six station modules)

- Envelopes:

Maximum: 9 1/2" x 6 1/4" (241mm x 159mm)
Minimum: 6" x 3 1/4" (152mm x 83mm)
Flap Depth: 1" x 1 5/8" (25mm x 41mm)

- Inserts:

Maximum: 9" x 6" (229mm x 152mm)
Minimum: 5 1/2" x 3" (140mm x 76mm)
Maximum Individual Thickness: 1/8" (3mm)
Maximum Accumulated Thickness: Turnover option 3/8" (10mm); Meter or conveyor delivery option 1/2" (13mm)
Paper Weight: 20-24 lb (75-90 g/m2)

- Environmental Requirements:

Power: Two lines - (1 - 110v, 60hz, 5amp, single phase, 4 wire); (1 - 208/240v, 50/60hz, 15amp, single phase, 4 wire)
Temperature: 64-90 degrees F; 18-32 degrees C
Humidity: 40% to 60% (non-condensing)
Compressed Air: 2.5 CFM, 100PSI

- Dimensions:

Width - 34" (86cm)
Height - 46" (117cm)
Length - Dependent on system configuration

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