Bowe Systec 310 Cutter
Bell and Howell Mailstar 500 Mail Inserter
High Performance using Modern Technology

The Bowe Systec 310, the high performance cutter separates computer printouts into single sheets ready for further processing.

Operating at maximum reliability, and both quietly and economically, the 310 is safe and user-friendly and can be setup to perform a range of functions in a minimum of time.

The high speed of the Bowe Systec 310 really saves time. It can cut all usual continuous forms into individual sheets at up to 2.5m/sec - 25,100 4" forms per hour. Additional time-saving features include the automatic paper intake and quick-adjust margin trimmers.

Bowe Systec 310 Standard model

Ease of Operation: sound-proof, transparent hood which can be opened wide facilitates access to all operating elements. The stop switch guarantees a maximum of safety for the operator.

Form depth, strip depth and feed are easy to set using the digital coding switch.

Single push-button with staccato function and positioning key for fast paper intake.

Additional push-buttons for cross-cutting, series preselection, start and stop (interlocked against operating errors).

Status indication through LED symbols.

Center cutter

Chopper for easy removal of margin strips

Waste bin

Bowe Systec 310 Cutter Specfications:

Voltage 220V 1PH 50/60HZ
Feed Pitch 1/12" or 1/16" (converted from 1/6" & 1/8")
Form Depth 1 ... 399 pitches
Strip Depth 1 ... 9 pitches

Width of Paper web:
Input (without cut) max. 510 mm (20" )
Output (with margin cut) min. 70 mm (2.75") - max. 470 mm (18.5")
Margin trim one or both sides 10 - 25 mm (0.39 - 0.98")

Paper weight:
Single sheet min. 40 g/m2 - max. 200 g/m2
Form set max. 400 g/m2
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