Bowe Systec Turbo 22 Mail Inserter
Bowe Systec Turbo 22
At a speed of 22,000 envelopes per hour, the Bowe Systec Turbo 22 combines application versatility and flexibility at a level of performance. The Turbo 22 delivers the highest level of document security, integrity, functionality and value. Utilizing vertical material transport design, the Turbo 22 ensures effective and reliable processing of a wide variety of formats and applications.

The Turbo 22 incorporates leading edge material tracking technology to ensure each mail piece is processed securely, efficiently and reliably and at the lowest cost. Integrated with the 380 Stream Pinless cutter, high speed flexible feeding is accomplished through Bowe's innovative material transport "Paper Loop System" design. This system provides greater control of the form for faster feeding and higher cutting performance, thereby increasing the performance of the Turbo 22.

In addition, the dual channel Turbo 22 features high speed cut sheet and continuous forms processing production and flexibility. Configured with two input channels, the system processes both 1-up cut sheet and 2-up continuous forms at the highest speeds. The 590 Speed cut sheet feeder exemplifies the modularity design philosophy of the Bowe Systec product line through its variable form size and cutting features.
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