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Symco Group is an authorized reseller of the Hunt Imaging OEM toner line for the IBM Infoprint 4000 and 4100 series production printers. This includes the following Toners:

Black Cap Toner - IBM 4000 Product Code 40x7280
Blue Cap Toner - IBM 4000 Product Code 1402822
Green Cap Toner - IBM 4000 Product Code 142833
Orange Cap Toner - IBM 4000 Product Code 10R4420
Gray Cap Toner - IBM 4000 Product Code 57P1888
Version 3 Toner - IBM 4100 Product Code 57P1887
Version 4 Toner - IBM 4100 Product Code 17R7725

Hunt Imaging originated in 1909 as Philip A Hunt Chemical Company in Brooklyn New York.

Hunts reputation was built on a strong foundation of R&D and quality. The company's innovations included the first liquid concentrate developers for X-ray films and then for the graphic arts industry. In the 1960's, Hunt Chemical entered the color photofinishing business with the first lower replenishment developers, and opened a plant in Belgium. This began over 35 years of research and development in Europe. In 1984, Hunt developed its activities in the electrostatic toners for original equipment manufacturers and its photoresist business for the computer industry.

Today, Hunt Imaging is a leading producer of liquid and dry toners, continuing its 90 year tradition of innovative products development with the introduction of advanced quality toners and developers for high-speed printers. Their newest product line of toners for IBM Infoprint systems are designed to

Symco Group's partnership with Hunt Imaging provides you with the latest cost saving high quality toner solutions along with world class leading service throughout the sales cycle. We look forward to working with you to find the perfect cost effective solution to your business needs.

Hunt Imaging's 100% Quality Guarantee:

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Hunt Imaging 4000 and 4100 Brochures:

IBM Infoprint 4000 Toner
IBM Infoprint 4100 Toner

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