Auxillary Services

Symco Group not only provides traditional maintenance services to help our clients, we also provide a whole host of auxiliary services. These include:

Equipment Installation and de-installation services

Symco Group provides professional installation and de-installation services utilizing highly trained electro-mechanical engineers when your company buy's or sell's equipment. Symco Group specializes and has the experience of managing the de-installation and/or installation of entire processing centers.

Equipment relocation and rearrangement services

If you need to consolidate processing centers or re-arrange a room of production printers, Symco Group will handle the entire logistics process as well as the de-installation and re-installation of the associated computing equipment.

On-site and standby coverage

Clients may have in-house support staff but want the peace of mind knowing they have a second level support as needed. Symco Group will provide standby and on-site second and third level support to in-house staff utilizing experienced technicians and product specialist who can provide the peace of mind management requires.

Component Level Repair / Exchange

Symco Group can provide component testing and component level repair / exchange services as well as core replacement on many high dollar parts to include multiple circuit boards and power supplies.

Inventory Consignment

Symco Group will provide inventory consignment remarking services. We will store your consigned equipment providing you with an inbound audit of what is being stored, work for you to market the equipment, and sell the equipment at the right to for the most money.

Excess equipment long and term storage

We understand that expansion and contraction is a normal part of business. Processing centers expand and processing centers contract. Some companies need inventory management and deployment of devices such as ATM's or extra printing capacity but do not have the storage capacity nor resources to move and install/de-install the equipment as needed. Symco Group has the ability to provide long term storage and the inventory management for your business so you can manage your business needs as they change.

Customer technical training and documentation

Symco Group provides customer training from break-fix repair to product operation. Training can be performed on-site within your operation scheduled to meet your needs and make it more convenient for you and your team or off-site at our facility so your employees can focus completely on training and leave the daily work distractions behind. Training programs are customized and documented for further reference after training is complete. When training is complete, our professional staff will have taught your team how to use and/or repair your equipment in order to perform their jobs more quickly and proficiently.

Total facility management

Symco Group provides facility management services. Symco Group will manage the entire process for print and insertion/statement shops from mail in through mail out. We will manage the staff, guarantee SLA's, provide the maintenance, and supply management in a turn key solution.

Supplies management

Symco Group will work with you to provide a customized supply management solution to provide the correct levels of on-site inventory required to process your work. By partnering with Symco Group, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your supplies are in stock when you need them and money is not wasted on supplies that sit on shelves or pass their expiration date and are no longer suitable for production.