Asmarc Accufast P6 Address Printer
Asmarc Accufast P6 Address Printer
Address envelopes, postcards, newsletters and more with the ACCUFAST P6 Address Printer. Print up to 12 line addresses at up to 16,000 mail pieces an hour. The quick, compact ACCUFAST P6 is the perfect way to address your direct mail

Technical Specifications

- Addresses envelopes, postcards & self-mailers
- Two imagers print up to 12 lines of text each with spot color messages as well
- Two speeds - addresses 9,000 #10's per hour at up to 600 dpi or 16,000 #10's at 300 or 150 dpi
- Runs mail pieces 3.5" to 12" high and 6" to 12" long, up to 3/8" thick
- Weighs 50 pounds, measures 12"h x 22"l x 171/2"d
- Prints either 150 x 600 dpi, 300 x 600 dpi or 600 x 600 dpi
- Select print quality from included software
- Print system features advanced Hewlett-Packard inkjet technology
- Accepts all TrueType® fonts including bar codes. Instantly changed at any point in the run.
- Use ACCUFAST FX feeder holding a 6" stack of mail pieces
- Simple, one button operation
- Runs off computer's parallel printer port, software updates automatically with version change
- Standard high-capacity bulk ink supply
- Optional ACCUFAST CS3 or 6FV Conveyor
- Its outstanding feature is it's ability to print addresses, return addresses and messages at once on even the thickest of mail pieces

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