Asmarc Accufast VL Tabber
Asmarc Accufast VL Tabber
The VL is a multi purpose machine. Each unit may be set up to apply labels, stamps or tabs. It comes on a stand and may be rolled up to the end of an inserter, an address printer or a feeder.

It features:

- Twin belt transport
- 12" diameter by 3" wide roll on a 3" core.
- Sliding, lockable head
- Thickness up to 1/4 inch
- Electronic controls to switch between single and double labeling

You create a simple in line tabber by adding the TF tab folder to the output of the VL. In this application, the VL head is slid to the tabbing position, pieces are fed the long way and either 1 or 2 tabs are applied to the edge of the piece half on, half off. The TF tab folder accepts the output of the labeler, registers the material against an adjustable fence and folds the tab down tight to the edge of the piece.

In order to complete the tabbing system, you need a feeder. We suggest using an ACCUFAST HDF as shown below. Depending on room, budget or inclination, you can also add a conveyor or an in line ink jet such as the PMx to the system to create a self mailer processing unit that starts with the folded piece, applies and folds the tab, prints the address and stacks it in order of mailing. If the piece is glossy, add a UV cure unit to the conveyor.

VL System Technical Specifications


- 39” long x 24” wide x 44” high
- Weight: 139 lbs.
- Handles up to 1/2” thick and 12” x 15” material
- Speed: 183 ft/min.
- Power: 110/230 VAC 50/60 Hz 3/1.5 amps.
- Integrated feeder control


- 13 1/8” long x 21” high x 10 7/8” wide
- Weight: 23 lbs. (no roll)
- Roll Capacity: 12”
- Roll ID: 3”
- Up to 25,000 1” labels/hour
- Fan fold or roll labels up to 4 1/2” wide.
- Ideal with 3M Post-it® Notes


- Weight: 95 lbs.
- Speed: 1-250 ft/min.
- 12” stack
- 1/2” maximum thickness


- Height: Adjustable from 26 1/2” to 37 1/2”
- Weight: 75 lbs.
- Length: Overall 46”, Transport belt 38” x 6” Wide
- Power: 110 VAC 60 Hz 2 amps. 240 VAC 50 Hz 1 amp.
- Belt Speed: Adjustable from 0-240 ft/min.
- Mail pieces drop into a catch basket
- No limit to mail piece length; up to 12” mail piece width
- Conveyor Capacity: 20 lbs. (single package)
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Accufast VL Tabber

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