Bowe Systec Turbo 8G Mail Inserter
Bowe Systec Turbo 8G
Since the first Turbo was brought to market in 1976, BÖWE SYSTEC has continuously redefined the Turbo concept. With the design of the eighth generation, the availability of the systems and the calculability of the production process was put in the foreground. Oriented on these market requirements, the eighth generation of the Turbo has more than 50 technical enhancements. As well as all these innovations, the Turbo 8G displays a multitude of proven features such as gentle handling by vertical transport, shortest possible set-up times by fully automated job changeover and modularity. And all this at the highest level of integrity and with an optional throughput of either up to 26,000 or 22,000 envelopes per hour.

The Turbo inserting principle – fast, gentle and intelligent processing

The vertical material transport ensures secure guidance as well as the fast and correct transfer of documents. This method not only reduces the wear on material but also on the machine and results in a reliable performance during continuous operation. For the Turbo 8G, the transport speeds have been harmonized. This enhances the stability of all process steps and permits the processing of high print volumes within the shortest time. Furthermore, in order to guarantee highest transparency at all times, sensors allow localizing and identifying each document within the machine.

A sophisticated system at two different speed

The Turbo 8G offers highest integrity, flexibility and productivity for high volume mail processing. From document infeed to enclosure handling and post-processing, all production steps are perfectly integrated. This remarkable machine is available in two performance classes.

At a capacity of up to 26,000 envelopes per hour the Turbo 8G 26k is ideal for single-channel applications and high-volume jobs with low page count per envelope. The competitively priced Turbo 8G 22k with a capacity of up to 22,000 per hour is ideal for complex single- or multi-channel applications or high volume jobs.

Tornado envelope roller – efficient roller feed

The Tornado will streamline the efficience of any mailroom: Specifically designed for the Turbo 8G series, the roller for continuous infeed of envelopes ensures high productivity. The Tornado automatically feeds envelopes into the inserting system in one continuous flow over longer periods of time, resulting in reduced operator workload and a clear increase in efficiency in the mailroom.

Extraordinary flexibility in enclosure handling

Enclosure handling is becoming one of the most complex tasks in the mailroom. The trick is to find a way to handle enclosures made from different materials in the shortest possible time. Frequently changing enclosures or thin, glossy and heavy quality paper are the challenges faced every day. Our solution is the enclosure feeder 5553 with automated and reproducible settings.

For each requirement a tailor-made solution

Beginning with both compact and competitively priced basic version up to sophisticated high-performance systems, the Turbo 8G provides the perfect solution for any application and for every mailroom. The modularity of the Turbo 8G also allows the adaptation of the systems to the floor space available.
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